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--Review by The Professional Ass Kicker @ 9/12/03 20:17 PST.

Song of the South: Fun with racism

The Song of the South is a rather obscure Disney film that was made in 1946. Not too many Disney movies are obscure to the American public nowadays. There are usually two reasons: 1, That it sucked hot donkey ass like the Black Cauldron or the Apple Dumpling Gang. (I dare you to sit down and watch either one of those movies to the end. It's like fucking Chinese water torture.) or 2, Because Disney wanted to downplay it's relationship to the movie like that movie Powder (that movie was so gay).

The story is based on the stories of "Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris who lived during the time of the Civil War.

Ok, ok, I know....what does this movie have to do with racism? Just sit your ass down and wait, fucker. I'll get to it.

The people who were offended by the film claimed that the movie was "making slavery appear pleasant" and "pretending slavery didn't exist".

The NAACP stated that they accepted "the remarkable artistic merit" that the film displayed but did not like the "impression that it gives of an idyllic master-slave relationship".

Disney re-released the film in 1956 to theaters but because of negative reactions to it, it has never returned. In 1970 Disney decided to retire the film "permanently'. Then the film was re-released a few more times anyway. (I hate hippies.)

So, here's what's cool about it: the movie was never released in the United States on video. It was only released it in parts of Europe and Asia. (My copy's from Japan.) So it's pretty cool to have simply because of it's novelty factor. Plus this would be a must have for any hard-core Disney collector, or fans of racism like Kenshiroking.

If you're thinking about picking this movie up, you can get it boot-legged at comic conventions and stuff like that. Got mine at the San Diego Comic Con. The movie itself sucks balls. It is one of the most boring movies I've seen in my life. Although it was fun to hear a Disney character use racist slang like "Tar baby".

Your probably wondering? What's fun about racism. Well, if it wasn't for this movie there wouldn't be that super cool ride at Disneyland: Splash Mountain where they take pictures of you looking like a little bitch when you go down the water fall. (You know you did. Don't lie. Everybody saw it, you pussy.)

So, the question here is: Is racism so bad? Disney seemed to try to show us that racism, as well as slavery, can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Although people may have some physical and cultural differences, there's no reason we can't all hate each other... together... as equals.

You know what I say: Everybody's pink on the inside.

Film Grade Formula

Novelty Factor: +1*
Disney Characters Using Racist Slang: +1*
Watchability: -1*
Acting: -1*

Final Score: 0 (ball sucking) out of a scale of ****

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/12/03 20:28 PST.

Black Cauldron did not "suck hot donkey ass." Any movie that shows in graphic detail the villian die by having a cauldron rip the flesh from his bones does not "suck hot donkey ass."

If you liked Disney characters using racist slang then I would recommend Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips. You'll find it floating around on Kazaa.

My 2 cents.
Keep the change.

--Posted by Innovasian @ 9/12/03 20:55 PST.

Bugs Bunny is not a Disney character u stupid fuck, he's owned by Warner Bros, and they love "tar babies" such as the Wayans brothers.

--Posted by Riposte101 @ 9/12/03 20:58 PST.

I know that you dumb racist goat fucker. I'm just referring to if you like the novelty of racist cartoon characters in general. Jesus Christ it's like talking with a six year old.

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